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Our project

​"English naturally!" 
Welcoming young children

Our children are our treasure and they are dear to us, so let's offer them the best!
What would better than a professionally environment dedicated  to them where we help them grow, develop and socialize ! 
Maison Cerise offers a great quality service by proposing early-learning and educational games to toddlers according to our educative project centered on a bilingual French and English learning. Children will make experience of life in community under the supervision of our preschool professionals in charge of their security and well being. At Maison Cerise, the team adapts to each child's development and pace, ans is there to motivate them but also ensure their physical, emotional and moral safety. Welcoming toddlers is our passion and an ideal way also to relieve parents(relatives) from the stress of childminding problems in Abidjan. This modern solution is adapted to every lifestyle whether it is on a regular basis or just from time to time to help children to socialize! We know how challenging it can be to associate family and professional lives!

Awakening and socializing together​
By playing, the child discovers himself and his environment. In a typical day at Maison Cerise we alternate free times and educational activities time. During the free time of the day, the child chooses his(her) activity and decide to play by himself or with others children. By doing so, He(she) develops his autonomy, his (her) creativity and his (her) self-confidence at his (her) pace. We also propose supervised educational activities such as:
- creative activities: paint(painting), collage(pate à modeler), Plasticine, dough with salt, constructions with diverse supports, drawings, free times or games supervised by the adult.
-activities around motor development: outdoors activities (bike race, tractor, climbing, walking ,swimming...), indoors (dance, self-expression through movement, games of balance, relaxation, tonus)
-projects activities: works around different themes such as
colors, continents, animals etc.., studios(workshops) with musical instruments, poems, works around tapes and stories to listen to, creation of a kitchen garden, to request general knowledge of the children with supports(media) as the books, magazines and CDs and preparation for their entry to school (getting clean, washing hands, eat alone etc..).
Learn and play in English ​
Being fluent in English is an essential asset in the current world and it is also a strong personal enrichment. It is during their first years, in phase of language acquisition, that children are the most sensitive in learning another living language and can appropriate two linguistic universes effortlessly. We propose daily activities in English and in French to favor the early learning of both languages, thanks to a innovative project focused on bilingualism. This project has two main objectives: to democratize English language in Ivory coast and to answer specific needs for children, from  families of non French-speaking expatriates, to adapt in their new environment.
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